Ted Talks Videos You Must Watch Before Your Birthday

Feeling screwed, demotivated and hopeless right before your birthday is not something you deserve. Perhaps you need to watch videos that will definitely drive you to keep moving forward in life.

How to stop screwing yourself over by Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins is an Ivy-educated criminal lawyer and her approach is absolutely effective, entertaining and most of all smart. She inspires a lot of people to embrace change to have a better life. In her speech, Mel opens your mind to the things that stop you from getting what you really want in life and how amazing you are to prevent those things.

The big secret nobody wants to tell by Bruce Muzik

According to Bruce, being honest and having the willingness to open yourself to the people you had upset towards your behaviour is the only way to bring back the joy in your life.

An uplifting video best to watch before your birthday comes. This video will open your mind to be embrace truthfulness to other people surrounding you and most especially remaining true to yourself.

Programming your mind for success by Carrie Green

You are the only responsible person for your loneliness, grief and being stuck in a rot. This is great for every birthday celebrant if you really want to be happy and enjoy your upcoming special day. You have to let go of your negative mind, thoughts and thinking because it limits you from doing the things you want and spreading love to the people around you.

No matter how big your birthday celebration would be, and how much money you have spent on it just to invite a huge number of invited people if you are not emotionally and mentally okay, it won’t bring you any good at all.

Remember, your birthday only comes once a year, you have to totally prepared and ready to mingle with everyone on your special day!

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