Ideas For Your Grandma’s Surprise Birthday Party

Our grandmother is the sweetest and thoughtful woman next to our mother. Planning a surprise birthday party for her is one of the great ways to show your affection.

Whether you’re on a budget or you have saved money ahead of time for this event, here are a few ideas you can try.

Idea #1

Fill the venue room with customized balloons. Nowadays, there are more balloon shapes available aside from regular helium or a rounded one.  New forms of the balloon are as follows: roses, unicorn, and rose gold.

Idea #2

Ready the birthday cake and don’t forget to put a cute and customized cake topper on it! Prepare a short video about her most remarkable memories during her younger years. You can compile a photo of her while she’s still working at the office, her first time to hold you when you were born, her sweet photo with your grandpop during their wedding.

Creating a short video about her timeline indicates that you are grateful for having her as a grandmother. For that, you treasure every moment and understand the long journey she has to endure just to be with all of you as her grandchildren.

Idea #3

Forget about the catering service, cook every healthy food she loves and calls the entire family members on her special day. Your grandmother knows how busy you may get at work as well as the rest of the family. However, taking the time just to be with her to eat together is just enough to satisfy her.

Idea #4

Set up a romantic dinner at the backyard for her and grandpop. This surprise birthday idea allows the both of them to cherish the moment, rekindle the love and treasure everything they have done just to surpass the challenges of life. Make them feel young once again after a long time in taking care of your parents and guiding you in growing up.

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