Event planning checklist for every occasion

To ensure everything is well planned on the day of the event, here’s the ultimate event planning checklist you must always use.

If you are handling a reunion or family event planning during Christmas or any festive season, always ask your client if the members have allergies or perhaps ask for their food preferences. Moreover, if the client does not want to spend some time in food choices, handle him sets of the menu that you can cater for the event.

When it comes to logistics, make it a point that your chosen venue can accommodate the number of expected guests to avoid inconvenience during the event. Part of the logistics is preparing an emergency kit. If the client wants to go live on their social media accounts to share the event with family members from abroad or just get more audiences for the company brand awareness, verify digital connections are excellent.

Meanwhile, for the last part of the event planning checklist, do not forget the wrap-up section! It means this is your time to survey to the attendees, de-brief and share the recap of what happened during the event with the client.

The Wrap-up section of event planning checklist is to help you to identify if you were able to satisfy the client and if not, let this be your guide in improving your service. You should be able to accept constructive criticism to get ahead of your competitors. Wrap up also means to discuss within your team about the event goals that you were able to accomplish and the other whatnots.

Remember the three essential parts in event planning checklist: Food, logistics and wrap up!

How to Throw The Best Party For Your Kids

Most kids are happy with a theme like the Wiggles, Dora, or perhaps Spongebob, because most kids under five like at least one of these shows. When they get older than that though, that is where the problems begin.

When my daughter turns six next year, I am going to have a group party for her and some of her new kindergarten friends. There are many places that have kids party ideas of their own, and all you have to do is to book time in their facility. The one I am going to take my daughter to has all sorts of great learning and play experiences for younger children, and I know she will love it. I know she will because I am stealing kids party ideas from friends. My daughter has already been to a party at this place, and she loved it.

You can get your kid’s party ideas from your friends as I do, and they usually won’t mind that you have used their idea. There are large party places and event areas as well, and many other restaurants have the same sort of party deals. You can get kids party ideas from others online, as well. Many people love to share when they have had a fun and successful party because they know how hard it is something for parents to think of something that the children will all love and remember for a long time to come.

If you are really stumped about kids party ideas, don’t be afraid to ask your kids what they might like to do. If they have a special interest, there may be a way to get that involved with their party. If they like magic, you can hire a magician. If they like horses, you may be able to arrange for them to visit a farm with horses or something like that. Kids party ideas sometimes have to come from the kids. Just remember that if they give you the ideas, they can’t complain if the party isn’t what they wanted. It was their idea after all.

Tip, Tricks, and Hacks

Event planning checklist for every occasion

For beginners in event planning business, the first event is always the hardest, but eventually, on the second, you know how to handle it properly. For every mistake, you had in the first event, consider it as a lesson and ensure that it will not happen again. Repetitive mistakes will hurt both business and personal reputations.